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We could have listed our products on a number of marketplaces, but we wanted to own our brand and build relationships with our customers, along with selling our goods. Such a tool didn’t exist, so we built it for ourselves. We soon realized a number of other stores were in need of a hassle-free platform to build their retail business, and some websites was born. we build lots of services for different domain like food,green enery,retail,recycle services and so on.

Recently We won ICICI Appathon 2017 for developing an innovative mobile solution held on 17th May 2017 at Mumbai,India.

Our Services

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Social Media Marketing

Everywhere you want to be

Ignoring Online Marketing is like opening a business but not telling anyone.

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Software Applications

Solutions for a smart business

We provide all types of software in very affordable prices.Software greatly reduces the human effort in maintaining all company records

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2D/3D Animation

Your Idea needs an explanation

Videos are best way of explaining your products to your customers. Videos can show the true potential of your product with an impact

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Bridge to your customer

Simple websites,corporate websites, E-commerce websites, community building website,Information Websites, Directory Websites

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Mobile Application

Nothing is Impossible

We can create and maintain all types of mobile applications. Innovation is our mantra.We have multiple patents in mobile application development.



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